Common questions - height adjustable desk

I'm assembling a height adjustable desk and the holes for the top don't line up with the frame?

For important information on assembling height adjustable desk please see the related article at the bottom of this page.

Can I buy just the frame?

Yes. Agile (fixed height, winder and electric) and Arise (electric only) can be brought as frame only. This allows you to reuse an existing top or create something unique.

What colour frames are available?

Agile (fixed height, winder and electric)  available in white, silver and black

Arise - silver and white 

Why does the agile have a 2 column and 3 column option

Do you still do the Cubit Electric?

No, this is a discontinued model

What options do you have for Height Adjustable Desks?

1 / Agile User adjust -

  • Height range 705 - 1185. Not suitable for people over 6'2"
  • Have crank handle. Quite a few rotations to move the desk to the appropriate height. 
  • Max weight on desk 70kg
  • 3 colours - White, Nordic, Silver 
  • Available in 1200 x 700, 1500 x 800, 1800 x 800 wide and 1800 x 1800 (700d) workstation

2 / Agile Electric- 

  • column  Height range 705 - 1185
  • 3 column Height range 610 - 1240. Suitable for up to 6'5" 
  • Better if someone is out of town as it has free shipping. Max weight on desk 120kg
  • 3 colour tops - White, Nordic, Silver 
  • Silver and white frame
  • Available in 1200 x 700, 1500 x 800, 1800 x 800 wide, 1500 x 1500(700d) and  1800 x 1800 (700d) workstation

3 / Arise

  • Height range 650 - 1300
  • Dual electric motor for extra lifting capacity
  • Available in 1600 x 800, 1800 x 800
  • Adjustable width frame to suit tops from 1400 to 2100 wide

Can the buttons on the control panel be changed?

No, they are white and it is not possible to change them 

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