Height Adjustable Desk Install - Important Info

Instructions are included with each item, but we feel that the below tips can prepare you for when the desk / workstation is delivered and also answers a few common questions.

Tip 1-

We find it easiest to build the desk / workstation upside down. 

Tip 2 - 

You must have a cordless drill for attaching the top to the frame. Wood screws are included and have a cross / philips style head. It can be a little easier to drill a small pilot hole first if you are having trouble getting them started. 

Tip 3- 

The standard top will have holes that  won't line up with the adjustable frame. The Cubit and Agile user adjustable and electric adjustable desks and workstations use the tops from the Cubit and Cubit Aero standard desk ranges. So there will be holes that are embedded in the top that would normally take an M6 screw. Ignore these holes and place the frame around 80mm in from the back edge and then centre it over the frame. 

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