Where to get replacement keys for filing cabinets and cupboards

A question that we get asked a lot is what happens if I lose the key to my cabinet. 

Most metal products like filing cabinets, metal stationary cupboards and paper drawers use 1 of the below key types. These units are typically made by   Europlan or Precision in New Zealand.

We don't sell keys. We purchase all our keys from Armstrongs and highly recommend them. www.armstrong.co.nz

L & F Key-    - Only has a profile on one side.

    - Is numbered between 001 and 200

    - If you have lost the key then the lock will have the number on it.

    - Replacements are available from any decent locksmith, just ask for an L & F with the       number from the lock 

CL (Cyber Lock) Key- 

   -  These have been introduced more recently. Probably in the last 5-6 years

   -  The have a double sided profile

   - The key will have a 4 digit number 

  -  The number on the lock and key is followed by 'cc'

  - There are 2 types of CL key and there will be an extra etched number on the lock which will be either M1 or MT. You will need to let your locksmith know which type you need.

-  These are generally used by Europlan and on the Ergoplan and Cubit Ranges 

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