Install a whiteboard or noticeboard with an aluminium frame

All new whiteboards and noticeboards with an aluminum frame come with mounting kits that include-

  • wall plugs for attaching the board to gib
  • brackets that attach to the frame - neatly and securely. 

Instructions -

Step 1

Set the bottom brackets first. The screw needs to sit at the top of the slot as shown. So the bottom of the bracket should be the lowest point that you want the whiteboard to sit at. This is normally around 750-800mm off the ground.

Step 2

Set the top bracket next. This will be set screw 1200 -1215mm from the bottom of the lower bracket. The screw will be in the middle of the slot and will need to be just tight enough to hold the bracket flat against the wall, but still loose enough to allow the bracket to slide up and down.

Step 3

With the brackets in place, slip the top edge into the top brackets. Then drop the bottom edge on to the lower bracket.

You can then push the top brackets down where appropriate so that everything is held securely.Finished

Now everything should be held securely. They should look like the below examples.

Slimline Frame - For Value Boards

Original Frame - For Ceramic Boards

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