Difference between value and ceramic whiteboards

The first question we normally ask is how often the whiteboard is being used.

If it is once a day or every few days then the value board is normally fine. Examples are a casual meeting room or updating progress on a project.

If you are using it more than that (e.g 3-4 times a day ) then you will be better served by the Ceramic board. An example of this would be a school or professional training organisation.

The technical difference-

Ceramic (As called Porcelain)- The ceramic boards have a surface that is baked at 800 degrees. This creates an extremely hard surface that is scratch resistant and far easier to keep clean than the value (lacquered steel) board.  The expected useful life for this product is 30+ years with proper care.

Value (Lacquered) - As the name suggests, this board is created but adding layers of lacquer to the steel sheet. This provides a cost effective option for a lot of offices. The expected useful life is 7-9 years based on the once a day use or less and with proper care.

For more details check out the below video

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