difference between value noticeboard and custom fabric noticeboard

We have included a photo from out noticeboard display wall.

(Rapid Dispatch) at the top. Custom Fabric at the bottom.

Value Frame close up

Custom Frame close up

The difference in price comes from the custom ones having to be hand covered in the various difference fabrics. Where as the value ones already come covered but only in 2 colour options (mid blue and light grey).

The other limitation with the value range is that 1800 is the widest, whereas you can go to 3600 wide with the custom fabric.

Leadtime -

  • Value - 3-4 working days 
  • Custom - 10 working days

Colour Options-

Value - Blue, Light Grey and Cork

Custom Available in Quantum, Fiesta, Bond and Orion fabirc. Some fabrics will increase the cost of the board.

Thickness of the boards

  • The Value noticeboards are around 18mm thick, but look thinner due to the design.
  • The custom noticeboards are 20mm thick

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