What Pens Do I Use On Glass Writing Boards

What sort of pens do you use with these?

A really common question is "now that I’ve brought this sexy, sleek glass writing board, what do I use to write on it?”. The good news is that it doesn’t require anything too exotic. On the white glass boards you can use a standard whiteboard pen, but they do get lost on the black glass boards. 

In both cases if you want something that will really POP, then go for a liquid chalk pen. They are available from most stationary shops, but the ones we like are from Smiggle. They have a great range of vibrant colours to help bring your notes to life. Priced from around $10 per pen there are plenty of Smiggle shops in shopping malls around the country.

 You can then use a standard whiteboard eraser or damp cloth to remove the liquid chalk once it drys.

liquid chalk pens

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